Morning Coffee

Rent The Brewhouse For Your Event

San Juan Brews will rent out the entire Brewhouse for your event. This can be during regular business hours or after. Please email to schedule. 

Small & Casual 

Food & Drink

No outside beverage of any kind is permitted. Food is permitted with prior approval of SJB managers.


Decorations are allowed. We will not be able to provide any supplies needed to hang or fix items so please bring your own. All decorations must be taken down and removed from Brewhouse after event. 

Cutlery & Plates/Bowls

San Juan Brews will not provide these items for your gathering, please bring your own.


Unless you are renting out the entire Brewhouse we do not take reservations. Our space is first come first serve and you are allowed to use any area in the brewhouse.

Table Service

San Juan Brews provides counter service only. Please inform your guests that they will need to order at counter and items will not be delivered to your tables. 


Our space is free to our customers. Clean up the space after your gathering.  Please respect our requests outlined above, failure to do so could results in removal from our facility.